One2three Naval Architects: Designers of Monohulls, Catamarans and Trimarans


One2three have a proven track record in high-technology commercial projects, including development and commercialisation of world-first vessel designs. One2three have invested heavily in leading-edge software and highly-qualified staff and are able to offer the most cost effective and comprehensive engineering packages available. A satisfied shipyard has described the production drawings supplied by One2three as "the best engineering drawings we have ever seen".


One2three turn customer requirements into reality – ensuring a practical, down-to-earth engineered solution. One2three provide their customers with custom layouts, interior design and exterior styling. Every vessel designed by One2three undergoes a comprehensive structural analysis to classification society standards in conjuction with detailed design for production.


The designers at One2three focus on vessel efficiency by using advanced hull shapes and hydrodynamic analysis. The hull shape is optimised for each specific project in order to provide the shape with the lowest resistance. This gives One2three customers greater fuel efficiency than competitor's vessels and a low-wash hull form. One2three have verified their low-wash hull form through independent testing by the Australian Maritime College.


One2three are committed to creating highly fair hull shapes through a rigourous design process and the use of advanced 3D design software. Very fair hull shapes not only aid resistance characteristics, but also assist at the fabrication stage when attaching plating and running hull stringers.