One2three Naval Architects: Designers of Monohulls, Catamarans and Trimarans

Structural Design

One2three staff have extensive experience in designing lightweight aluminium structures for high-speed craft, with over 170 vessels designed and no reported structural failures. A typical One2three structural design:

  • Utilises specially designed aluminium extrusions for weight saving and rigidity
  • Meets the standards set by major classification societies

One2three use the following to analyse vessel structure:

  • Multiframe for three-dimensional interactions
  • Finite-element analysis on the global loads for large vessels

One2three also have experience designing in steel and composites.


One2three focus on designing for production in order to minimise shipyard cost and time. One2three use Workshop in the initial stages for:

  • Hull-stringer fairing
  • Development of hull-shell plating

Detailed construction design is carried out using the leading-edge ShipConstructor suite of software. The benefits of this include:

  • A high level of accuracy by checking complex three-dimensional interactions
  • Output of three-dimensional production drawings and bills of materials
  • Automatic nesting which gives significant savings on materials through optimisation of the nests
  • Modularisation of vessel construction